V&A Lunchtime Lecture

'Designing Costumes for a Contemporary Setting'

January 2013

Brief outline:

The job title 'Costume Designer' can evoke a glamorous career spent drawing tasteful sketches for elegant outfits worn in beautiful worlds far from our own.

It is often overlooked that every single piece of drama on film requires a Costume Designer.

The work needs to be almost invisible, drawing the viewer into a belief in the reality of the created world.

Story-telling and character arcs are extremely subtle and need to speak in a highly sophisticated language because the viewer subconsciously operates within this language every day. There can be no clumsy statements, and unauthentic characters will be quickly spotted by a contemporary audience.

BFI Future Film 


Feb 2016

Costume Design Masterclass 

Hampshire Film Co.

April 2016

'The Art of Film Making Revealed'.

Masterclass in Costume design, Hosted by Caroline Sax.

Museums & Universities

I have given talks on the subject of Costume Design at the following institutions:

The Design Museum

Wimbledon School of Art

York University

London Film School

London College of Fashion

The V&A




BAFTA, BBC & Skillset

Selection Panel for new Skillset trainees Autumn 2014.

Selection committee for BAFTA Crew 2013

BAFTA Masterclass in Costume Design at the ICA. June 2013, at BAFTA 2015

BAFTA GURU Masterclass Lab, Online 16th October 2013

Mentor to BBC Costume Design Trainee 2011/12

Selection Committee for the BBC Costume Design Trainee scheme 2011

Synergy Theatre Project

'An Introduction to Costume Design for Ex-Prisoners'

January 2013

Brief outline:

To complement the major exhibition 'Hollywood Costumes', I worked with the V&A and Synergy Theatre Project to deliver on-site costume design classes for ex-prisoners.

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